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Two childhood friends from Siberia who have once done a student exchange in the US together after almost 10 years reconnect in London. One works in the notorious investment bank, the other - in a premium management consulting firm. Both embrace the City's 'Work hard-Play hard' ideology, meeting from time to time after long working days at their favourite "Jamon-Jamon" in Soho to share tapas and stories.

By the end of 2012 both quit their prestigious jobs to explore paths outside of corporate white-collar London. One joins the start-up team who help other start-ups to get funds, the other makes her way to Paris to fulfil a childhood dream and become a designer.

The two, despite living across La-Manche, stay close, undertaking joint trips, personal-development workshops,  and just sharing, as friends do. In 2017 after a series of synchronicities, they finally decide it is time to unite their complimentary talents and embark on yet another joint venture - this time and first time - doing business together



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Svetlana first embarked on the path of simultaneous interpreting and international comms. Aged 22, She founded a company providing B2B language services​, which became No.1 caterer in the Region within 1 year and won trust of many clients including the government, diplomatic, financial and educational institutions, and multiple corporates.

After years of rendering genius of high profile stakeholders, Svetlana moved into environment where her own ideas were wanted - Management Consulting (with a stop-over for an MBA). She enjoyed working in buzzing London with a brilliant team designing strategies for blue-chip clients and travelling extensively on business. Often handling multiple projects simultaneously, she developed a rigorous approach to problem-solving and perfected delivery-in-tight-deadlines skills.

Despite forthcoming promotion and several job offers (both consultancies & client-side), Svetlana took a courageous leap to follow her dream - moved to Paris to become a fashion designer. Being an apt multitasker, she continued her consulting practice along her fashion studies and haute-couture experience.

Creativity, personal & professional charisma combined with people-oriented approach are at the heart of Svetlana's gift,  in business and beyond. She excels at seeing the big picture while delivering exceptional work quality - be it a dress worn at a defile during Paris Fashion Week or an actionable strategy implemented by the largest corporates in the world.


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Anna's consulting experience started in a boutique firm in Munich, Germany, with a strategy development project for one of the largest German corporations.

In 2007 upon completion of an MBA in London and Berlin, Anna embarked on a journey in investment banking with the notorious Lehman Brothers and later Nomura, where she worked in the demanding M&A sector and was a part of the Natural resources and Power team. She advised clients on multi-million business deals from acquisition of assets, mergers, capital raising, to disposal of deficient business divisions.

Anna's latest position is with Start-Up Direct - the principal delivery partner of the UK Government Start-Up Loan Scheme that provides funding, mentoring, and support to entrepreneurs and SMEs in the UK. Anna's previous experience made her one of the top-performing business advisors in the team and she has been central to growing StartUp Direct business past its London premises as she pioneered the opening of the first regional office in Birmingham, which she ran as a regional manager.

Anna's experience features multiple touchpoints with diverse clients from a variety of sectors, which, on par with outstanding people skills, makes her a high-calibre professional with an authentic client-centred approach.

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Business is all about people - it is done by people and for people. Our values reflect how we conduct activity and make choices - both in business and beyond


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Our unique approach in interacting with clients is based on a sincere, open-minded and heartfelt approach to their needs. Rather than just providing a service - we are co-creating - to achieve best results and generate value



 We  are happy to have participated in diverse projects and to have helped our clients to successfully bring to fruition their ideas and achieve their goals.  In doing so, we write our own success stories


We are grateful to those companies, teams and individuals that chose to team up with us -  for their trust & collaboration. We believe that people we meet on our journeys - whether in business or outside - are among the best gifts of Life 


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